CASE STUDIES: The Good Fairy

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Izeris is a multisensory environment for children and adults. Designed not only as a therapeutic tool for people with autism and other developmental disabilities, dementia or brain injury (Snoezelen) but also to provide deep relaxation and a getaway from hustle and bustle of civilization.

What I did here:

  • Logo design

  • Illustrations

  • Visual guidelines

The Mission

The task here was to create a brand that has very peculiar features. Izeris was supposed to be a fairy that helps people deal with stress, mental disorders, and modern, fast-paced reality. She lives in nature, surrounded by gentle music and pleasant smells. Through art therapy, she brings back the balance in impaired senses and psyche. A little "good witch", but elegant and modern.

The Process

We started with 3 directions; 3 mood boards and 3 initial concepts for the logo. Two of them – while aesthetically different – were following the "nature-loving, good fairy" concept. The third one presented a completely different approach and challenged the "good witch" concept.

The founders picked two (including the surprising one) for further development. Then they were presented with the outcome and picked the winner...

But it was NOT the end. Even though the clients were entirely happy with their choice – I wasn't. I knew that the final symbol can be (and should be) even more sophisticated and elegant. So I've donated a few days to come up with an unexpected proposition that won the race.

The Outcome

We absolutely love it.
Synthesis of a fairy, dragonfly and a leaf - that's what we were looking for <3

Szymon Surmacz, co-founder of Izeris

The Significant Others

I bet you would like to see how the other options looked like...


This concept was completely different from the feminine and organic vision the founders described in their brief. Playful blocks filled with light were a friendly interpretation of more masculine geometry. For the client, it was a very unexpected twist that filled a few evenings with passionate conversations.

For me, it was a way to challenge the brief and make sure that "friendly fairy" truly is the one and the only direction for Izeris.

The founders ultimately decided to pick the fairy, dragonfly and leaf hybrid and I've decided to keep those smileys in my portfolio.



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