CASE STUDIES: The Sweet River

"Kraina Bugu" is the first magazine that presents the tranquil beauty of the eastern part of Poland. Bug is a major river mostly located in Eastern Europe, which flows through three countries (Poland, Ukraine and Belarus) with a total length of 774 kilometers (481 mi).

What I did here:

Editorial design

(spreads, covers, mastheads, icons, maps of the region etc...)

Logo design

Elements of identity system

The Mission

Daniel Parol, Kraina Bugu founder visited our studio and he was desperate. He was really struggling with finding someone who would understand the slick and professional yet airy and magical style he wanted for this project.

As for the logo, the brief was to create a logo that will combine the magical atmosphere of eastern Poland with a modern, minimal feel and incorporate a river as well. Bug (contrary to what you think, English speakers :) ) is a river after all...

The Process

It was a fantastic collaboration with the incredibly talented and equally humble Magdalena Warszawa.

I was working hand in hand with Magda on spreads, covers, and masthead. She took on board some really fiddly jobs like creating maps for the whole region or more difficult, detailed spreads. That is why the logo and elements of branding could be my task.

The logo I created for this client in 2011 is still one of my favorites. The magazine recently changed the style of their covers. All titles have been removed – all that is left is a beautiful, atmospheric photo and... the logo.

Mummy is so proud!