Iberostar is a company with over 120 hotels in 19 countries. They aspire to offer unforgettable holiday experiences in the best locations throughout the world, through a sustainable tourism business model that encourages respect for individuals and the environment.

Iberostar Group has a holiday club that makes luxurious travels more affordable for its members.

What I did here:

  • Visualisation of the concept

  • Logo design

  • Tagline

  • Branding elements

  • Campaign examples

  • Social Media visuals

The Mission

Transform current Iberostar The Club into something more exciting that implies status and privilege and has a little mystery about it.

I was approached by Steve Pentland the CEO of Light Enterprises – a company which specialises in compelling videos and sales systems. Steve had an idea to transform their client' s holiday club into something more memorable and luxurious. Something inspired by the circle of excellence and the shape of the status "all-inclusive" bracelets. The O.

The Process

Instead of a brief, I had this short description of Steve's concept and a few words like "extraOrdinary" or "mOre" as an idea for a campaign.

This is how I've approached this project:

  1. Research, to understand the Iberostar brand, its offering, aesthetics, and mission.

  2. Three stylistic directions: The Modern Gatsby, The New Art Nouveau and the third one that was mimicking the current, elegant Iberostar style. Steve picked the 3rd option.

  3. I created the tagline: "The World of Opulence" so the "O" could stand for something meaningful. I added a few more inspiring wOrds for the campaign and social media visuals.

The Outcome

The first step taken & and the happy client:

" I presented this to the CEO of Club Iberostar over lunch today. He loved it, so great job on the visuals and bringing the concepts to life - Thank you. It'll take time to get it from here to being adopted, but a great first step taken.
Best Steve"



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