Bernard is a delightful, beautifully made creature! Lovely fabrics. His paws are magnetic and easily holds the weight of his body when he's hanging (Be careful - can steal teaspoons). Woolen skin and heart-melting eyes. The nosy nose is neatly sculpted from a piece of precious wood.


Bernard is a house-trained gentle soul who loves cuddles and toffee popcorn. 


Very huggable, hand-made (and the level of craftsmanship will amaze you) monsters. Stunning quality and total cuteness overload. They are great for kids and adults alike. They are great for kids and adults alike. Pure hygge - toy editon.




  • Designer: MUTA
    Size: round 30 cm tall but with a big personality
    Materials: wool, glass beads, magnets, non-allergenic polyester fiberfill.

    Every single creature is unique, made with great care.

    Benjamin will arrive in the box  - ready to be rehomed.