If you can't decide which planner you prefer (The Abstract or The Great Outdoors) grab both and save a few pennies for the coffe fund.

Plan (and execute) a marvellous year (despite and regardless)...

Check out this 30-day challenge planner. 18 opportunities to make yourself proud (or, at least, very busy) 😄.
You know the drill. Give your challenge a name, plan it, do it, tick it off. Day by day. It's a good fun to see your progress on paper especially if the paper is a RECYCLED one ♻️♻️♻️🖤

Printed on 300gsm, uncoated, recycled paper (easy to write on), A6 size will fit in your bag or you can hang it on the wall next to your desk.

40 pages, 18 challenges and loads of love from Cow on the Ice.

Set of two | 30-days Challenge Planners