For all "those days" when things are going ridiculously wrong...

You can try:
1. To cure your credit score with a coconut oil
2. Lay down on the the grass and let the earth reclaim you
3. Buy yourself a cool top from Cow Øn The Ice  and suffer with style!

(Packed in our signature "the future of Design is female" boxes)

The flowy, soft top and a wearable piece of art
Drapes perfectly and accentuate a woman's figure. Oversized, relaxed form. One size fits almost  all 👉 up to XL it will be still roomy. But it's stretchy as well so it's one of those tees that can be your friend even during montly hormonal storms.

Length: 70 cm
Width: 60 cm (without stretching)

Sssmile! | Art tee