Wonky Wally.

Old, grumpy, and tired with life... Unperfect art-toys for unsound times.

We are looking for calm retirement homes for them (not for babies and toddlers). Hand-made, covered with 100% crazy sexy wool (by Wool and the Gang) can deliver geriatric hugs to those that you can't hug in person (damn you Covid )

Each one is wonky in their own way but overall they still somewhat capable of bringing a lot of hygge vibe wherever they go.  He is wearing a 100% wool sweater. The wool is sourced from an absolutely magical smallholding in the very far north of the Scottish mainland. As a result, this Wally smells like a happy sheep (in a good way). 

Can you adopt a senior teddy?

Wonky Wally 03

  • Designer: COW ØN THE ICE
    Size: 30 cm tall (while sitting), 40 cm tall (standing), 20 cm wide
    Cover material: acrylic felt and 100% wool
    Fill material: Polyester

    Clothes: Each Wally is wearing hand-knitted clothes.