Wonky Wally.

Old, grumpy, and tired with life*... Unperfect art-toys for unsound times.


Wonky Wally aka "Lockdown Teddy"... Did you know what Wallies have under those hand-knitted jumpers? Well - now you know 🖤

This Wally is small in size (26 cm) and clearly doesn't have much hope left.

Old, grumpy, tired with life* and in need of hot cocoa. Can you adopt a senior teddy?


* Actually this one is ALMOST happy. Probably the jolliest one so far.

Wonky Wally 08

  • Designer: COW ØN THE ICE
    Size: 20 cm tall (while sitting), 30 cm tall (standing), 17 cm wide
    Cover material: acrylic felt and 100% wool
    Fill material: Polyester

    Clothes: Each Wally is wearing hand-knitted clothes.