Wonky Wally. Old, grumpy, and tired with life... Unperfect art-toys for unsound times. This Wally always wanted to be a .... yup! You guessed it right... a fireman! 🙄 A sailor... of course that a sailor 😒

 Unfortunately he became an accountant instead and now he tries to look sexy and fresh while being dead inside. Luckily he has only 2 years left until retirement. You can, however save him from his misery and adopt this senior citizen, so he could devote his time to building paper boats and giving you geriatric hugs. 

This Wally looks like you feel (sometimes) and is in a search of a calm, retirement home. Can you adopt a senior teddy?

Wonky Wally 12

  • Designer: COW ØN THE ICE
    Size: 30 cm tall (while sitting), 40 cm tall (standing), 20 cm wide
    Cover material: acrylic felt and 100% wool
    Fill material: Polyester

    Clothes: Each Wally is wearing hand-knitted clothes.