Morning 😒

Meet the latest litter of Anti-Valentines Wallies. They won't show any affection to your loved ones on this special day. They secretly know how to hug, but it doesn't mean they are in the mood. Insert coffee and then MAYBE you can test your luck.

This Wallie likes ice-creams and all forms of soft and sweet carbohydrates. Don't leave him in the kitchen otherwise your secret stash of goodies will be... well not so secret anymore and probably very close to empty.

Can you adopt a senior teddy?

Unperfect toys for unsound times...

PS: all the anti-Valentines teddies are equipped with anti-Valentines cards. 


Wonky Wally 16

  • Designer: COW ØN THE ICE
    Size: 30 cm tall (while sitting), 40 cm tall (standing), 20 cm wide
    Cover material: acrylic felt and 100% wool
    Fill material: Polyester

    Clothes: Each Wally is wearing hand-knitted clothes.