🐻: "Roses are pinkSo is my jumperI drive a Porche You drive a dumper"😒As you can tell this Wally is passionate about automotive industry... I mean "passionate" is a big word when you're discussing Wallies, but undeniably he spends his free time reading @officialoctanemagazineand buing imaginary cars on eBay. Recently he tried to buy a 1991 white Mini Rover but the auction went over £22 so he didn't make it.Now he's looking for a retirement home to spend the rest of his days on sipping luke warm tea and writing bad poetry.Can you adopt this senior citizen?Wonky Wallies – unperfect art-toys for unsound times.

Wonky Wally 19 (for Viki)

  • Designer: COW ØN THE ICE
    Size: 30 cm tall (while sitting), 40 cm tall (standing), 20 cm wide
    Cover material: acrylic felt and 100% wool
    Fill material: Polyester

    Clothes: Each Wally is wearing hand-knitted clothes.