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Hi, I’m Eva. I’m the designer and owner of COW ON THE ICE. and this is how the seed of this project has been planted in my heart. As a roughly 10-year-old kid, I was sent away for a term break. If you were lucky, you spent 3 weeks somewhere in the woods with other kids, enjoying the usual outdoorsy adventures and the typical emotional roller coaster of a "young adult." If you weren't lucky, it could be 21 days of being bullied by fellow shitlings in a setup that felt more like Navy SEALs hell week than a kids’ camp. This time, I got something in between and, mildly miserable, I really wanted to come back home...

Meanwhile, my mum decided to use my absence to renovate my tiny room. She ran out of time, as you always do with DIY. So, when I came back, I found my whole little universe packed in black bin bags, and my poor, stressed mother wishing I didn’t bless her with my presence for at least another 3 weeks...

I didn't appreciate her efforts... and I didn't like the pastel yellow she used on the walls. All I wanted was for her to say, "Hello darling, welcome home," make me a hot tea, wrap me in a blanket, and let me decompress in my 6 square meters lair...

Little did I know, this slightly ungrateful twat (aka me) from the past was shaping the mission for COW ØN THE ICE. This burning need to help you create spaces filled with love and light, where you can be at ease, feel welcomed, wanted, sheltered, and yes... wrapped in a blanket. Every product I work on is here to create a soothing atmosphere, capture a happy memory, lovingly stimulate your senses, and, in a way, say, "Hello darling, welcome home."


Fast forward to 2013... I decided to end a 12-year relationship with my then-partner. As a result, he ended up in a monastery and I ended up with a very, very red bank account, an unsuccessfully renovated flat (basically piles of rubble), and overwhelming shame that I let my life turn into such a mess.

I was saved from ending this misery in the most horrific way possible by my dog, who reminded me that no matter how badly I thought of myself—he still needed me.

Equipped with pure desperation (and some electro tools), I decided to finish the renovation. I dreamed of a bright, minimal, warm, and cozy space that would allow me to breathe, relax, and feel safe. I wanted all the clutter, leftovers of my past life, and rubble to be gone. "I was pushing all the colours through a prism back to white."

My friends didn’t want to leave me alone—even though I didn’t want to see anyone. They brought me soup in jars, left it hanging on the door handle, helped with the renovation, and tried to get everything ready for Christmas Eve 2014.

I was born on Christmas Eve, so for me, this night is quite special. We made it on time, had dinner together, and I could live happily ever after.

Have you seen my manifesto? "I want you to feel beautiful. I want your home to be a unique and cozy space filled with love and light. I want you to have a truly exceptional life."

Because that’s how I felt that Christmas Eve.

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