CASE STUDIES: Cinderella

Trimworks creates bespoke interiors for your classic or modified car.

Founded by designer and lifelong petrolhead Dean McConnell, design is at the heart of every project undertaken at Trimworks. From the colour palette and materials selection through to elegant storage solutions and ergonomics, every aspect of the car and its occupants is considered.

Trimworks designs and builds exceptional interiors for exceptional vehicles.

What I did here:

  • Logo design

  • Visual identity

  • Brand collateral

  • Landing page

The Story

This is a true Cinderella story! Imagine a talented shoe designer, a graduate of the same Cordwainers Technical College in Hackney (now part of the London College of Fashion) as Jimmy Choo.

This designer one day decided to dramatically change his life and follow his dreams. This is how he started Trimworks – with one shoe sewing machine, incredible talent, and love for classic cars.

When I met Dean I saw this breathtaking potential. A beautiful little brand that was screaming for a proper look.

The Process

I started with serious research, to understand what Dean's competition looks like. After that – I prepared style boards. This time I didn't show him 3 options – because we were working on a very limited budget. I had only one shot and had to be certain that it is an absolutely perfect direction.

Style boards were looking as if the Gentlemen's Club met The Guild of Master Craftsmen. You could almost smell the leather and taste whiskey while looking at them. The masculine retro look combined with true craftsmanship – represented by textures of real wood, leather, and cardboard. And hey! There is even a rubber stamp involved! Stamps are great!

The Outcome

The new identity that Eva created helped my business in more ways than I thought possible. Not only did I get a coherent look for the brand, it has become a key reference point in the business strategy, helping to drive the business forward with purpose and focus.
When Eva presented the new identity, it amazed me how deep an understanding she had of my business, my competitors and my likes and dislikes – it was like she had reached inside my head and created something solid from the fog of ideas floating around in there!
Eva was a joy to work with. Devoted, clear in her communication and brilliant in her delivery of the package. I would absolutely recommend her, she will change your business in more ways than you can imagine!

Dean McConnell, Trimworks



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